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At Russell & Co. Solicitors we have over 20 years experience in providing legal aid and obtaining justice for those suing the police.

Do you want to take legal action against the police?

Russell and Co. Solicitors are a law firm specialising in legal action against the police. We offer legal aid and assistance to members of the public to help them sue the police, throughout the UK. If you believe the police have behaved wrongly or unfairly, you may be able to take action against them. The majority of our cases involve wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, race discrimination or assault.

Need help & advice to sue the police?

  • Legal Aid is available for most cases
  • We're committed to seeking a positive outcome
  • We give you clear and straightforward advice to help sue the police
  • We guide you through the claims process if you feel the police have acted inappropriately
  • We provide professional advice and support

Legal aid – help and advice to sue the police

Legal action against the police in the news

Horse trainer sues murder police…

who ‘framed her for murder’ over lover’s bonfire death.

Judge lets man sue police AFTER he dies.

Landmark ruling allows cancer victim to testify now because he won’t live to see the trial.

Russell & Co Solicitors for your Legal Aid

Russell & Co. Solicitors are specialists in Legal Aid, we are just one of a handful of law firms in the UK to have been awarded a contract to offer Legal Aid. You will have a named solicitor allocated to your case and receive an individual service tailored to your needs and circumstances to help take legal action against the police if you believe they have treated you unfairly.

We are a small, trustworthy solicitors practice that has been established for over 120 years based in Malvern, Worcestershire, and working with clients nationwide, throughout the UK.

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