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Legal Aid

Legal Aid is available at Russell & Co Solicitors

Legal aid is a free or discounted legal assistance which is provided by the the UK government for people who are in need of legal advice or representation but cannot afford the legal costs incurred.
Legal aid ensures that people who have grievances but can’t afford the costs in pursuing a court case or benefiting from services of a solicitor can still obtain justice.

Suing The Police On Your Behalf

Sometimes despite all the good work that police forces do in our community, there are times when mistakes are made and duties not carried out, resulting in injuries or wrongful arrests.
If you are considering suing the police for any wrong doing, we have the right experience to help you in your claim for compensation.
Russell & Co Solicitors have been involved in a number of successful cases.

    We can help with claims against the police, involving:

  • Assault by police or prison officers
  • Injury caused by police dogs, CS spray or Tasers
  • Death in custody
  • Wrongful accusation
  • Negligence in witness protection
  • Racial and other types of discrimination and abuse
  • Misfeasance (acting in bad faith)
  • Wrongful arrest
  • False imprisonment (being kept in custody unreasonably or longer than necessary)
  • Unlawful stop and searches
  • Harassment
  • Claims on behalf of prisoners against the Ministry of Justice
    We do not help with:

  • Immigration applications
  • General prison law (but we do deal with assaults/death in custody/excess detention)
  • Loss or destruction of property

For further information about suing the police and if legal aid is available to you, please contact a member of our team.

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Suing the police

Russell & Co. Solicitors are members of the Police Action Lawyers Group.

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